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About Grandview Property Advocates
Why Choose Us

Grandview Property Advocates is a highly professional and service orientated buyer and vendor advocacy company.

We offer a FLAT FEE based service. Clients can “pick and choose” from a range of services depending on their needs.

We are completely independent and unbiased.

We are fully licenced estate agents and can help you understand property values, trends and locations.


Why choose Grandview Property Advocates when buying a property

We protect our clients when buying a property to ensure they don’t over pay for their home and when buying an investment property, to ensure they buy investment grade worthy properties based on a stringent performance criteria. We manage every aspect of the buying process from researching, inspecting and assessing right through to bidding at auction and negotiating on a private sale.

Why choose Grandview Property Advocates when Selling a Property

When working with owners in selling a property, our objective is to protect our owners reserve price, at all times. We will always suggest preparing the property for sale to maximise your end sale result and work with a team of professional stylists and trades to get the property looking its best, to ensure we get the greatest price possible for you.

You can be as involved or removed from the entire process, however our team will be extremely involved behind the scenes by ensuring the right agent is appointed, the right marketing and selling strategy is undertaken and the right price is achieved for your property.

Let Us Help You

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