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Buying a Property
Help me find my property

A home is the single biggest asset most Australian’s will ever own. Whether you are buying your first property or the next forever home, buying a property can be extremely challenging, stressful, and emotional. At Grandview Property Advocacy we will provide you with necessary support and knowledge to ensure you secure your dream property with confidence.

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Help me bid at auction

This service suits buyers who prefer to search for properties themselves but require a professional buyer’s advocate to undertake the bidding on auction day.

Auctions can be an excellent way to buy property, however there are a number of factors that need to align for them to be successful for a buyer. The sheer nature of auctions is to produce a competitive environment which ultimately results in the desired effect of over inflated prices for the seller. Therefore, it’s important to know and understand the different auction bidding strategies; not bidding too high, to know who you are bidding against, when to place a bid and when to walk away.

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Help me negotiate with a real estate agent

You’ve found your dream property and you now need an experienced negotiator to ‘get it for you’.
There is no doubt that having a skilled property negotiator on your side can save you thousands and ultimately win you the property. If you have found your dream property and now need a professional to secure it with the best possible conditions, Grandview Advocates will help you.
It takes experience, skill and know-how to negotiate the tricks of the trade a real estate agent may employ. Our team use their extensive experience along with their impartial position to negotiate significant advantages on your purchase.

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Help me buy a commercial property

Buying a property can be extremely challenging, whether this is your first or fourth property, if you are nervous about buying, unsure of prices and suburbs, or simply don’t have the time and want an unfair advantage over other buyers, our thorough research process and sharp focus on the Melbourne market ensures Grandview Advocates are ahead of market trends before they happen. We will provide you with the necessary support, knowledge and experienced advice, that will make the buying process a very simplified one.

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