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Help me buy an investment property

Whether this is your first or fifth investment property, Grandview Property Advocates offers a comprehensive research and selection process. Put simply, we won’t just buy anything.

We pride ourselves on our stringent approach and selection criteria. Our properties need to meet a performance based model to ensure that they are investment grade worthy properties. After all;

Not all properties are the same.
Not all properties perform the same.
Not all suburbs perform the same.

We will never speculate on ‘up & coming areas,’ this would effectively be gambling with your money. We use historical data and tried and tested formulas to ensure our clients are buying good investments. We will never buy ‘off the plan properties’ or ‘new builds’ for investment purposes and we will explain why. We will also explain why supply and demand are good elements to have when considering any property to clients.

We will ensure your property is desirable to tenants, has an extremely high likelihood of being tenanted quickly before you take ownership and we also provide appropriate advice/recommendations on reputable trades for potential cosmetic improvements you may wish to undertake.

Our Property Investment Buying services include:
• Research of properties (on and off the market)
• Inspection and due diligence on each property
• Analysis on the property(s) performance to ensure that the property is a good investment.
• Appraise the anticipated selling range of shortlisted properties
• Recommendation provided to the client in detail
• Purchase the property via auction or private sale.
• Management of settlement & recommendation of a property management firm.

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Help me buy using my Self Managed Super Fund

Using your super to invest in property is one of the ways to increase your wealth.
Changes to the Superannuation Law allow you to borrow to purchase property using a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) structure established for this purpose as long as certain conditions are met.

Buying using your Self Managed Super Fund requires a superior level of understanding and due diligence. Your advocate will be across any super fund industry changes to ensure you are buying the right type of property, within the right timeframe and meeting all requirements.

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